Eye-Catchy Colors For Your Business

Let’s face it. Black and white is classy and professional. You can never go wrong with it. However, color changed the world when it came in. Remember watching movies in black and white? We do. Classy older movies are timeless, but most can’t resist a a nice film in color. When color options came into the picture – the world changed as we know it for a good cause. Variety is a good thing.

Black symbolizes strength and power. It looks professional and sleek. It has strong emotions behind it.

White symbolizes purity and cleanliness. It also means a blank slate and starting over from scratch.

Gray is associated with timelessness, feeling like you are in the middle of the road and in a transition.

Red draws attention immediately. It captivates the eye and it is a color to use when you want to draw people in.

Green reminds people of money and nature. It relates to growth and being in a prosperous environment.

Those are just a few pointers about a couple different colors and how they impact us.

The details of how colors have an impact on our mind is a very complicated field and a detailed topic. There’s something interesting when you see your work in color rather than just black and white. There has been research showing that when a potential customer sees your message in color, they are likely to take the time to stop and read it.

Are color printers worth it? Yes, we believe so! 🙂