Compliance vs. Security

Security attacks have soared over the years.

Many organizations believe that if they are compliant, then they are secure. Sadly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Compliance is simply about if the company meets the requirements for standards like HIPAA or PCI.

However, security is designed to ease the risk and protect applications from any threats. Just because you are compliant, doesn’t mean that you are secure.

A lot of companies focus on simply being compliant and they completely bypass the security aspect which is arguably one of the most important aspects.

Compliance is just guidelines that have been set in place, but they do not take into consideration the security needs of different businesses.

Your security should be based on the unique needs of your company and what is needed specifically for your business.

It should be a customized plan that is drawn out specifically for your needs.

The last thing you want is to find yourself in compliance, but completely out of date with your own security needs for your company.

A lot of companies have the mentality that they will become more secure once something happens. It is better to take preventative measures rather than waiting for an explosion to happen.

Security and compliance are both critical. To get a grasp on what is needed for your company, it is important to understand both security and compliance.

If you want to take the ideal approach, it is better to hire a company that already has this mastered. That way you know you can rely on experts and it will eliminate an unnecessary learning curve.

Be sure to have metrics that will show you the before and after results so you can keep track on your progress over time.

There is no reason to go at this alone. We are here at your side ready to be of service.